Immediate financial support

If a first responder in Martin County is killed or severely injured in the line of duty, The 100 Club offers immediate, no-strings-attached financial help the family cover any immediate financial needs. For example, not too long ago a Martin County firefighter was serious injured in the line of duty. We immediately issued a $5,000 check to his family to help them cover the costs of food, fuel, lodging and other expenses while he faced an extended stay at the Jackson Memorial Burn Center in Miami.

Follow-up support and assistance

Once a family’s immediate and urgent needs are covered, our board will reach out to the family again to start talking about their longer-term needs and concerns. If additional help is needed, The 100 Club will provide it.

Long-term educational assistance

The 100 Club also looks out for the future needs of fallen first responders’ children through the Tom Prentis Frenkel Memorial Scholarship Fund, which offers direct financial assistance for their college or other post-secondary education.

First responder recognition programs

In addition to providing direct financial support to families, The 100 Club also supports other activities and community events. The annual 100 Club Awards Dinner recognizes deserving members from our participating law enforcement and fire rescue agencies. 100 Club members are also eligible to attend informative community events where they can see emergency equipment first-hand, learn how it works, and find out how all of us can help make Martin County a safer community.
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