Answers to frequently asked questions about The 100 Club of Martin County

Why haven’t I heard more about The 100 Club?

We’ve kept a fairly low profile over the years. With our extremely low overhead and all-volunteer workforce, we haven’t always had a lot of visibility. But that’s worked out all right for us – it’s allowed us to concentrate on our mission, rather than spending time and effort generating publicity.

Does a first responder need to join The 100 Club to be eligible for benefits?

No. Absolutely not. The 100 Club provides direct, immediate, no-strings-attached financial assistance to the family of any Martin County first responder who is killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. We offer a reduced membership rate for active and retired law enforcement and fire rescue personnel, but there is no requirement for them to join. If they serve, they have our support.

In addition to joining as a dues-paying member, are there other ways I can support The 100 Club’s mission?

Yes, definitely! We invite you to join The 100 Club of Martin County as either an individual or corporate member. But you also can help us by making either a one-time contribution or a recurring donation. Alternatively, you may also arrange for a bequest or endowment to our reserve fund as part of your estate plan. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you and your financial advisor.

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Are my membership dues or other contributions tax deductible?

Yes. The 100 Club of Martin County is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. So your dues and other contributions are tax deductible. Of course, you should always check with your tax advisor or accountant to be sure of your individual situation.

If I join or donate to The 100 Club, how much of my contribution will be used to cover administrative or fundraising costs?

None of it. We’ve always kept our expenses to the bare minimum, thanks to the hard work of our non-paid, civic-minded volunteers. Most routine expenses such as rent, phone and utilities are covered by direct donations or in-kind contributions. And most of our fundraising expenses (like postage, printing and maintaining our website) are either donated or underwritten by individual donors. That means that virtually every penny we raise through dues and contributions is set aside in reserve accounts to pay benefits to first responders’ families.

How are my contributions safeguarded? How can I be sure the money will be there if a first responder’s family needs help?

Membership dues and other contributions are set aside and held in insured, interest-bearing accounts under the direct supervision of our board. Our board members themselves are experienced, trusted, local community leaders who are committed to maintaining the long-term viability and financial stability of The 100 Club. And, of course, our accounts are also subject to regular audits. We appreciate your generosity – and we value your trust.

They risk it all for us… Let them know they have your support

The 100 Club of Martin County is completely supported by people like you, who care about our first responders and their families. Find out how you can join us in this important work.
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