How we HELP first responder families

The 100 Club provides immediate, direct financial help to the families of Martin County first responders who are killed or severely injured in the line of duty.

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Who we HELP

The 100 Club’s benefits are offered to the families of all law enforcement and fire rescue first responders in Martin County.

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How you can HELP too

They’re willing to put it all on the line for us. Shouldn’t we be ready to back them up? Please consider joining us in this important mission.

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We have their backs… How the 100 Club helps first responders

If a first responder in Martin County is killed or severely injured in the line of duty, The 100 Club contacts the family as quickly as possible to see if they have any immediate financial need – help with bills, family travel or housing arrangements for extended hospital stays, final expenses, or any other urgent concerns.

If so, we’ll issue a check immediately to provide “right now” relief from money worries so they can focus on bigger concerns during this extremely difficult time. Later, at an appropriate time, we’ll meet with the family again to review their longer-term financial situation and provide additional assistance if needed. The 100 Club also looks out for the future needs of fallen first responders’ children through the Tom Prentis Frenkel Memorial Scholarship Fund.

We want our first responders to know they are not alone – and that their families will be looked after if the worst should ever happen.

They risk it all for us…
Let them know they have your support

The 100 Club of Martin County is completely supported by people right here in our community – people like you, who care about our first responders and their families. Find out how you can join us in this important work.

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